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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by NatureFine, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Cichlidude

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    Haa... those are the same filter pads I use. All you need is just 2 of the canisters, nothing else at the 525 gph.
  2. OP

    NatureFineValued MemberMember

    Thanks so much! All this information has been really helpful in deciding filtration and it definitely is going to save me money!
  3. Skavatar

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    i got my on ebay, it came with 4 pads, one for each tray. i only use 1 of the pads.

    the bottom tray (tray 1) has polyfill and 1 pad on top. tray 2 had the old sponge and biomax from my previous filter, after a few weeks i removed the sponges and added more Pond Matrix. trays 3 and 4 only has Pond Matrix.
  4. JayH

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    A couple general thoughts. Check out the Pond Guru "**** My Filter" series. He has videos for at least some of the filters you've mentioned. You can jump on the Biohome train or not. I mention it just because he gives an in depth view (not review) of each of the filters he sets up and I know he's done some of the ones mentioned here.

    The other thing is you might think about a passive canister pre-filter. It's basically just a sealed canister that sits ahead of your powered canister filter. This gives you a lot more room for filter media. Fill the pre-filter canister with foam media and then you can use the entire powered canister for biological media. With this arrangement you likely wouldn't need to open the powered canister for years. Just squeeze out the foam in the pre-filter every couple months and you should be good. Because it's nothing but a container with seals and hose barbs, they should be really cheap.

    If you want to go really big and cheap, get a 5 gallon Home Depot plastic bucket and a gamma seal lid. Drill a couple holes, add bulkheads, and you've got a home made pre-filter canister with absolutely massive capacity. Put in several thick sheets of filter foam and you'll have awesome filtration.
  5. Dawn Michele

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    Hello!!! I use 2 Marineland Penguin 350 filters on my 125 Oscar tank!!! They do an INCREDIBLE job!!! I use filter foam from Swiss Tropicals & Fluval bio rings!!!
  6. OP

    NatureFineValued MemberMember

    Thanks! If I can fit it in my budget, I'll be sure to be getting at least one. They will add some circulation and back up my canister filters.