Filter for 100 Gallon Tank

  1. AmazonPassion

    AmazonPassion Moderator Moderator Member

    Hello All,

    I am getting a new (used) 100 Gallon tank that is replacing my 55 Gallon tank. The 100 Gallon tank is coming with a Fluval 405 canister filter, is this good enough for the 100 Gallon tank? or should I used the filter for the 55 Gallon (AquaTop CF-400UV Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer) in conjunction with Fluval 405 Canister filter? However, I'm not keen on having two filters run in the 100 Gallon tank.

    Another thought is that I get entirely new filter for the 100 Gallon tank which would be AquaTop CF-500UV Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer if the filter that comes with the tank is not good enough.

    thank you.
  2. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    welcome to the forum

    I would absolutely run the 405 and the CF-400 on the tank. I run 2 canisters on all my larger tanks - keeps them spotless.

    Why aren't you keen on the idea??
  3. i

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    Welcome to Fishlore :)

    I agree... both will do a great job at keeping your tank clean, epsecially if set up well...
  4. OP

    AmazonPassion Moderator Moderator Member

    I just didnt want two cannisters underneath taking up space for storage
  5. L

    Lupinus Valued Member Member

    I'd go with both, and don't see why both wouldn't fit and still leave some space for storage if arranged carefully. I have a CF-400 under a 40 gallon breeder and could easily stick another one right next to it and still only be taking up a little more than half the floor space.
  6. i

    iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    I agree... That's a very small sacrifice for a much better advantage