Filter For 10 Gallon

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    dickwheat New Member Member

    I have an internal filter on my planted 10 gal ember tetra tank. It keeps getting clogged all the time and maintenance is a hassle. What is a good option? It is a standard aqueon 10 gallon with versa top. 0711171907.jpg
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    dickwheat New Member Member

    Will the tank stay cycled if I just swap them out?

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    dickwheat New Member Member

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    Franky New Member Member

    I have a sponge filter on my 10 gallon and ive had no problems with it.
  7. tocandesu

    tocandesu Well Known Member Member

    In terms of switching over to a new filter. If you can, run both for a couple of weeks. Or you can take apart the internal Aqueon filter and stuff the sponge, and biogrid into the new filter.

    +1 for Canister if you have room. Or an Aquaclear 20
  8. Stanley C.

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