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    Hey everyone, I just changed my filters polishing pad from the manufacturer pad to some Polyester fiber fill and a sheet of Polyester. And now I have a bunch of microbubbles I have checked to make sure that there are no leaks in the hoses or clamps or any other place like that. I have also personally filled to the brim With water the canister hooked up let run and it's still produces microbubbles. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this, it is a eheim pro 4 600 Also my other filter which is a hydor pro 350 is doing the same?
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    Its caused by an uptake of air, if you are sure the only change you made is putting in the floss then maybe you put to much and its causing to much intake pressure which could cause air to be sucked in somewhere that under normal circumstances it wouldn't suck from, its down to a change of something obviously, i don't know what else it could be as i change and customise every filter i have.

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    okay, i'll take some of the floss out and see if that helps. Thanks!
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