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Filter Current Going To Kill My New Betta

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Savwingrove, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Savwingrove Valued Member Member

    I am new to fish keeping and bought a Betta fish about 10 days ago. I asked a Petco staff member to help me get the things I needed... he recommended a 2.5 g tank that had a built in filter. So went home set it up put water in it without the fish! Went back next day to check the parametersat store and they said the tank was ready for the Betta fish! Put him in the tank and saw that the filters current was wayyyyy to strong so I took it out... these last 9 dats I’ve been doing water changes and every time cleaning out the ornaments as I felt slime on them. Now I research and see that the only way to start the nitrogen cycle is to have a filter do I put it back in the tank... I am stressing out because i know my Betta hates the filter but I need that cycle to start or he is going to die which i really don’t want.

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  2. CosmicDodo42 Valued Member Member

    I would recommend getting a different filter, you could put the betta in a small container, for a short time, put everything back in the kit, and return it to get one with a betta filter(see what I did there?) there are plenty of tanks with adjustable filters that are pretty good. I would recommend the betta falls kit- it looks pretty good, and then you can keep three! While the tank is cycling, get some seachem prime to put in it to keep your ammonia from harming your betta

  3. Bry Well Known Member Member

    Don't put your Betta in a Waterfall style!! Those tanks are not big enough to house anything! I would recommend getting a three gallon tank and get a filter with an adjustable flow and a heater. Of course, you can always go for bigger tanks, bigger the better. You can also look up an endless amount of DIY buffers that make a filter softer for your finned friend. My Betta started in a 2.5 gallon and was miserable, now he is in a five gallon and explores every inch. Anything less than 2 gallon is cruel.

  4. CosmicDodo42 Valued Member Member

    I had no idea about those betta falls kits, my sibling has fallen in love with the idea of getting betta fish, and she was planning on getting that
  5. Bry Well Known Member Member

    Bettas live in ponds and rivers in the wild and in my opinion I would say a five gallon is the minimum. And that's also from my personal experience with my betta baby.
    It's become "common knowledge" that bettas come from puddles, which is false. While they can live there, they will die very quickly. A tank, filter, and heater are all required for a happy healthy betta.

    This is my Betta's five gallon tank.
    I had a friend with one of those waterfalls and the next day he found all of them jumped out and killed themselves.

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  6. Savwingrove Valued Member Member

    Thank you both so so much!!! So immediately when I woke up this morning I want to the store and got a better quiet filter and will definitely do a diy buffer!! Also got some prime so that this nitrogen cycle can pass without harming my beautiful Betta! I am the going to start a 10 gallon tank this week without any fish and once the nitrogen cycle is done in the 10 gallon tank I am going to move him over! Thanks for all your help!
  7. Bry Well Known Member Member

    If you want to speed up the cycle if recommend getting some Safe Start, which is the bacteria that grows during the cycle. Then you won't have to worry about it. :) I'd dose the 10 gallon once in the morning then once at night, then move your buddy into his bigger home.
  8. Chellebelle127 New Member Member

    i think i have the same tank, that filter (if its a topfin 2.5 gallon glass) is adjustable, the instructions just dont tell you it is. take it out and there's a little round lever you can adjust it to that makes a world of a difference. my little guy is super happy now!
  9. LucineT Valued Member Member

    What about getting a HOB filter?
  10. Savwingrove Valued Member Member

    Thank you all so much for your help!! I have finally found a filter that I am quite happy with! Using it in my 2.5 gallon tank and now another in my new tank that I am going to eventually put my Betta in, which is a 10g! It is the Aquino quietflow and then I put a plastic cup over it which makes it even better!! Thanks again for your help!!