Filter current for my betta

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    Heather12404 Member Member

    I hope I just fixed my unhappy betta issue. I moved my neons to my 29G. I tried to move my little endlers....but my DG immediately went to hunting them and then I also noticed that the openings in my filter intake are too big. So I had no choice but to move the endlers back to the 10G.
    So now in the 10G:
    4 male endlers
    1 male betta
    1 mystery snail
    10 red cherry shrimp
    I also took out the air stone in the 10G. I'm thinking the bubbles and noise from that were freaking my betta out. But now I noticed that the current from the filter is really slow, which my betta should enjoy. But now I'm concerned that there's too little current. There's just an ever so slight ripple in the water at the surface. Is that enough?
    It certainly is a much calmer tank. I so hope this works and that my betta boy will be happy again. All he's been doing for a long time is sitting on the gravel, or perched in a plant. He would swim to the surface for air and food, but other than that no real swimming.
    He use to to swim a lot when I first got him. I just didn't think he was happy. So I've done just about all I can in an effort to get my happy boy back.
  2. amber0107

    amber0107 Well Known Member Member

    My 10 gallon has a very slight ripple and it does just fine, although it does collect a bit of surface scum. If that becomes a problem, you could always put your airstone back in but get a gang valve and turn it way down so that it doesn't disrupt the surface as much or bother the betta as much. Also, you could always divide the tank if he seems to be bothered with the other tankmates.