Filter cleaning and new fish


Two questions, first of all, is it a bad thing to rinse filter cartridges? I rinsed mine out because they were full of plant decay that was leaking back into the tank. The second issue began when I started the pump back up after putting everything back. The excess plant decay inside the filter leaked back over the top and completely clouded my water. The question here is, (while I know it will clean itself shortly) I have a couple new dwarf Rainbowfish that I just finished putting in this afternoon. Would that change in the water affect them at all? Thanks!

Tank is 60 gallons, let me know if you need to know any other information to give an answer.


Get rid of the filter cartridges. Exchange them with some ceramic cylinders and a sponge which will grow beneficial bacteria in your filter. Then for smaller particles use filter floss. Other then the floss (which is super cheap) the rest will last almost forever. You won't need to get filter cartridges the rest of that tanks life most likely.

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