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Hey all
Ok, so I got my new tank, and put it all up, and now for the filter.
I think i've put it together right, but I just need some clarification from someone with a simlilar filter, because the instructions are actually pretty naff

It states its a trickle filter, and its a long rectangle/box shape, with various sections, all sectioned off by a small peice of plastic, the tube runs through the middle of this.
So now i've described it this is what I need to know:

Where do the small squares of sponge go?? :/ Because I found they fit in the compartments snug, but which one?? I have 2 sponges, one is denser than the other.
Secondly, Where do I put the filter media???
And help would be dandy

ta guys


1st question what type of filter is it? Brand / model would help
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oh sorry, i'm really not very high tec
Its one what came with the tank, so i'm assuming it is the right size and what not (although I did get the tank off ebay)

So yea I'll just check:

-runs off to check-

-runs back-
okay, I got the main part of the filter, I'm just gonna copy it straight out because I don't know which bits you need...sorry again

Ok it says:

JI'm Long (I think, its in weird squigly writing), Aquarium pump,
AC 220-240V 50hz,
35w Flmax: 2400 L/H

does that help at all?

and thankyou for trying to help me


my friend google does not seem to help there is one post I can find about a jI'm long hy-304 and that is someone asking the same question as you
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okay, I think I worked it out now, i've got it all in the tank. All I need to know now is where the media goes, and where the sponges go!!

And I just got the lights working in the tank to!!!

I'm so extatic right now!!
Thanks for helping

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