Filter and media now defunct...possible substitutes? 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by hud316, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. hud316

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    I'm looking for a bit of advice on what best to do with the below situation.

    My tank is a tropiquarium 55 which has a filter electrically connected to the tank top. Its plugged in all the time which works my filter and heater. There is a switch on the tank top for the lighting.

    The filter is Hagen (3 inserts Carbon, biomax and sponge) and the media that should go in is called trio 2000, this is no longer available from any sources (the past few years I have been lucky to pick up the odd piece of media off ebay but have struggled recently). I emailed Hagen who got back to me to say they no longer stock it and they couldn't offer any possible alternative. Anytime I clean/rinse the media it is in tank water that has been syphoned out the tank.

    Ideally I would like to remove the filter and put in a new one. However, I'm not very techy savvy and am wary of disconnecting the electrics and messing up my tank. A new tank is out of the question (due to the Mrs :(

    My tank is a regular rectangle shape and 10 gallon, can anyone recommend a potential filter replacement. I have looked online and seen some for approx £30 but for every good review theres seems to be a bad one too.

    I think my current filter media is now causing harm to my fish, most of which look fatigued and are lying on the bottom of the tank.

    The reason I think my media is the cause is I do regular water checks and the last one showed ammonia levels at 0.25 (never had this before) everything else was fine. There was no food lying in the tank and I do regular water changes every 3/4 days.

    I have ordered fluval replacement media from amazon in the meantime in the hope it fits in my filter. I am doing daily water changes which seems to perk my fish up temporarily and I have cut down on the food, giving only a pinch and making sure it is all eaten within 5 minutes.

    If the replacement filter media works I am hoping there will be no need to replace my filter but if it doesn't can anyone recommend a suitbale replacement.

    Also, does anyone have any further tips to try and keep my fish alive until the fluval media arrives. When it does arrive I know not to dispose of all my present media.

    Sorry this is a bit long winded reading it back and I have went off in a tangent at points but I'm just trying to explain the situation before wasting peoples time with responses.

    p.s. I have approx 9 guppies, 3 neon tetras and 2 kuhli loaches in my tank.
  2. Coradee

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    If you replace all your current media you'll lose all your good bacteria & will have to recycle the tank.
    I'd keep the existing filter running until you can get a new filter, just give the media a clean in old tank water, you could add an airstone to create more surface movement to help oxygenate the water until you get the new filter.
    AllPondSolutions do a good range of small filters suitable for a 10 gallon, you can find them on ebay or their website.
    I can't help with the electrical side, hopefully someone else can
  3. OP

    hud316Valued MemberMember

    I know not to dispose of all the current media, forgot to mention I already have an airstone running also.

    Had 1 death yesterday when I got home and got another one that unfortunately looks ready to go, my local fish shop opens in a few hours so going to pop round to ask there opinion.

    Done another water test and 1/3 water change, still showing .25 ammonia so somethin far wrong :(

    the guppy that was dead this morning had slight red marking under one fin,
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  4. Coradee

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    Have you tested your tap water? as that could be the source of the ammonia
    At that low reading though I wouldn't expect it to be the sole cause of the deaths, have you added anything new to the tank or disturbed a lot of the substrate or has anyone used sprays in the room?
  5. OP

    hud316Valued MemberMember

    I went to speak to the local fish shop guy who seems to be an actual specialist type when it comes to fish and not just a shop assistant, took the results of my water tests and he thinks it may be the PH that is the problem as he says 6.0 is low for guppies. The water we get in Edinburgh is soft (his words). He gave me some coral to put in the tank which he says will gradually help raise the PH and said in the meantime I can temporarily add a very small amount of bicarbonate soda on a teaspoon to try and help.

    He also suggested the API tester kit that I have may need replaced as I have had it almost 2 years, looking at my results he could see my levels are normally very consistent. I will take another PH test later on.

    Finally when I told him about my media he said the carbon should be replaced every 2 months, mines has probably not been changed in over a year so again that could be the cause, hoping the postman hurrys up with my online order and I can get back to not checking my tank every 10 mins to check for casualties.

    Theres been no new additions to the tank and my sand substrate when I syphon the water is not disturbed too much as the syphon would collect most of my sand.

    Hoping his recommendations do the trick
  6. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    Adding coral will slowly raise the ph over time but isn't a permanent solution as every time you do a water change the Ph will fluctuate, the same with the bicarb.
    If I were you I'd accept that guppies & other livebearers aren't for you & look into fish that will love the soft water instead rather than trying to adjust it.

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