Filter? Air pump? Both?


I just bought a 37gal rectangular aquarium that's quite tall (2 feet maybe?). The people at the store were quite useless and couldn't give me much guidance as to what kind of equipment I will need. We bought an over-the-side filter, but were later told by a friend that because of how tall the tank is, we need an air pump & stone as well. Upon returning to the store, we were told that this is incorrect. I'm not quite sure what to believe because no one seems quite sure of what they're talking about! Can anyone help?!


Could you post the measurements of your tanks for us please?
As for the airstone question - it really depends what you want to put in the tank. Some fish need a more oxygen concentrated environment and others don't. Some prefer more water movement(which the airstone would provide), some like the water as currentless as possible. So that said, after you figure out what you want, there should be plenty of time to decide if you need the airstone. The filter is a must though and I like the HOB (hang-on-back) best. There are are others who prefer canisters. It's all a matter of preference. So you should be fine with the filter you have.


Hey I am also just setting up a tank and have a question about filters this site say they like the canister is it really better ? the price would make you think so lol and how does the canister work? ???


And for future reference: Fish store people usually either don't know what they are talking about, or just want you to buy a bunch of useless and sometimes harmful things!
You should probably confirm anything they tell you with the experts like Gunnie, Butterfly, Dino...etc.
Fish store people have told me a lot of weird things luckily I knew better


Yes I'll second what Emma said.


Yup me too and listen to the experts(that would not be me i'm still learning) but canister filters basically what I konw they take the water out of the tank into the canister and through different stages of filteration which you choose then sends it back up into the tank, personally I think a sump would be better than a canister.


I really don't think an airstone would hurt your tank, but like Butterfly said, some fish prefer less movement in their tank. I have 2 sponge filters running in my 55 gal. angel tank, and angels prefer less movement, but are not bothered 1 bit by the air bubbles churning the surface area. Since your tank is a tall tank, the air stone might be helpful in keeping the tank better oxygenated. If you could hide it in your tank, a sponge filter might be the way to go for you. This would provide more filtration for your tank and increase the oxygen level at the same time.

The only reasons that come to mind where an airstone would not be good in your tank would be if you are keeping discus, or have live plants in your tank and you are adding CO2.

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