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I have recently purchased a secondhand 64l love fish tank. Want to put an external filter onto the tank but there isn't any holes in the lid to fit the pipes. Can I cut a hole without cracking the plastic hood?
Anyone done this ?

Madeline Peterson

Is there anything like a small hole already there? If so, try an internal filter, so you just need to let the cord out. I'll ask my dad about the plastic. He's very into the diy thing, so he knows a lot about how various things react to having holes drilled in them. I don't suppose it says what kind of plastic it is?


Just recently some guy was telling me that it's super easy. But I suppose that you need proper tools for it, and I don't know what, because I didn't really plant to cut anything so I didn't ask that guy how he does it.
That being said, if by external you mean canister, there may not be a point for the tank this size. HOB would probably be better - you'll still need to cut the lid though. Or internal, of course, then you won't need to cut anything.
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Really don't want a internal like the ease of an external and don't want to take space away from the fish. Thanks for your recommendations though

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