Fill me in, please!!!

  1. FishFan Member Member

    I'm really sorry I have been MIA as of late. It's been SO crazy busy here at home that I hardly have time to put a thought together! But, since the temps have gone from 80F down to 47F (YES-in only a day!!!), I'm finding I have a few minutes to sit down and check in on my Fishy Friends. Please-can you catch me up here by replying to this post? I see there is a ton to read and I know I don't have a lot of time to reply to all, so I'm sorry :'( Please forgive me!!! As for my fishies...I noticed this morning, a weird 'object' in my tank. It looks like a wad of slimy bubbles. I think it's eggs, but from what/who, I am clueless!!! It doesn't look like cotton, just slimy bubbles. :-\ SO-I hope as the weather changes, I'll have more sit-down time with ya'll.
    Miss you all!!! :-*
  2. Craig Well Known Member Member

  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    We've missed you!!!! Could it be snails???
  4. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Yeah sounds like snails to me! They're like a little sack of clear eggs in jelly and over the next few day they'll go darker...