Fill me in, please!!!

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    I'm really sorry I have been MIA as of late. It's been SO crazy busy here at home that I hardly have time to put a thought together! But, since the temps have gone from 80F down to 47F (YES-in only a day!!!), I'm finding I have a few minutes to sit down and check in on my Fishy Friends. Please-can you catch me up here by replying to this post? I see there is a ton to read and I know I don't have a lot of time to reply to all, so I'm sorry :'( Please forgive me!!! As for my fishies...I noticed this morning, a weird 'object' in my tank. It looks like a wad of slimy bubbles. I think it's eggs, but from what/who, I am clueless!!! It doesn't look like cotton, just slimy bubbles. :-\ SO-I hope as the weather changes, I'll have more sit-down time with ya'll.
    Miss you all!!! :-*
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    We've missed you!!!! Could it be snails???
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    Yeah sounds like snails to me! They're like a little sack of clear eggs in jelly and over the next few day they'll go darker...