Figuring out the electrical cost of running a fishtank.

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I was just doing this for my own tanks and figured I would post this here so others have a template to follow to figure out the cost for theirs.

I will do a demo with my tank equipment and you can follow along, substituting your information where appropriate.

55 Gallon
2 x Fluval 70 rated at 5 Watts each. 10 watts total, on for 24 hours a day.
10 x 24 = 240*365 days a year = 87,600 yearly watts divided by 1000 to get kWh = 87.6 kWh for my filters each year

1 x 200W Heater that is on for about 6 hours a day. 200 * 6 = 1200 * 365 438,000 divided by 1000 = 438 kWh for my heater

1 x 32W Light that is on for 10 hours a day. 32 * 10 = 320 * 365 = 116800 / 1000 = 116.8 kWh for my light.

87.6 + 438 + 116.8 = 642.4 kWh * cost per kWh (for me its $0.13) = $83.51 yearly cost. You can then divide that by 365 to get daily cost (22.88 cents) or 12 to get monthly ($6.95).

This does not account for any electricity used to heat the water you use for water changes. If you only use your heater in the winter, you would just use 180 days instead of 365, or make a more accurate estimation.

You will have to do research to find the rated Wattage of your equipment but it shouldn't be too hard to find. This would be a good thing to use to figure out cost of equipment and factor that into your decision when buying new items. Maybe a more expensive unit will use less power, saving you money in the long run.

((Watts * Hours Used * Days Used Per Year) / 1000) * Cost per kWh = Cost per year per item


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That's not bad at all... Time to get more tanks!

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