Figure Eight Puffer Sos!!!

Discussion in 'Brackish Tanks Forum' started by Jennasoutherfranks, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. JennasoutherfranksNew MemberMember

    I have 4 F8s in a grow out tank, they all get along great, I have never seen any aggression between any of them, even at feeding time. I had 2 and then brought 2 more home a week later (when I decided on a larger permanent tank). When I brought the second pair home I noticed they were very dark. Their bellies had a dark grey tint and their yellow/green on their backs looked like it had black over it. Anyway, one of the new guys has since gotten a little lighter in color and the other one has stayed very dark. I just got home after only being gone a few hours and the dark one was totally fine this morning. Super active and whatnot. He was just not using his left fin, it was held right up against his side and he would lay on the bottom of the tank, and then get up and swim around. I thought maybe it was stuck, or hurt it. He's using it now but I'm still a little worried.

    Is the darkness normal for F8s? Is it a stress reaction?

    Also, how long does it take for ick to appear? I saw nothing on him this morning and there's 3 white spots on him now, could it be something else?

  2. Rohit messValued MemberMember

    Watch out for the spots. Higher probability of it being ICH. And keep the precautions ready juat in case.
  3. JennasoutherfranksNew MemberMember

    I have ich meds ready if I need it.

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