Figure 8 Puffer: Internal Parasites?

Discussion in 'Puffers' started by Nickdavey1261, May 28, 2018.

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    This started last Sunday the 20th of May, one of my Figure 8 Puffer looked abnormally thinner than the week before and I’m not sure what is going on. He is also swimming badly , by that I mean he runs into things and acts like he can’t swim through them even though he could swim through them just fine before. The poor guy also stays close to the bottom of the tank and breathing heavy, I have never had this problem and the other Puffer is perfectly plump and healthy. I will say though that the Puffer in question for this blog does eat like he always has snails, bloodworms, dried shrimp, I’m just very concerned and unsure if it’s a parasite because he has a flat stomach but that’s the only thing is that his poop is normal. I will also like to add that the two fish are in separate tanks and the the fish in question is in a hospital tank with brackish water, I also added dissolved Epsom salt to help. Also earlier this morning Inwas checking on the other Puffer that is round and very healthy looking, it looked as if it had a white worm coming out of it anus but when I looked closer it didn’t really look like a worm, the edges of it where squared of instead of rounded and it was super flat I am just unsure what is going on and I have been searching for internal parasite medication everywhere with absolutely no luck Inam stressing out over this and would just like some help. When I do find medication I will more than likely be treating both tanks just in case. Any help would be amazing thank you!!

    Here are some photos of them, the first photo is the healthier looking one where Insaw the weird retecularlike thread come out and the second one it the one with the one that I’m worried about the most. I have another question as well. I got these guys almost a year ago with no problems and I know since they were wild caught they would have gotten an IP from when I first got them, but can they get IPs from their food like snails? Or can they just develop it . This is what is confusing me , why is the IP just now showing up.

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    IP can present itself whenever it feels like it, more often when something stresses or changes with the routine.

    Gradual wasting away is what to look for and spitting of foods/unable to swallow. These get worse over time if untreated.

    Puffers bellies shrink when hungry but if this is abnormal to you regarding size then it may be IP.

    Prazi pro would be my first choice of treatment and levamisole hci would be my second.
    Always rule out everything else before deciding any treatment. However prazi pro is very safe when followed correctly.

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