Figure 8 Puffer - Diet

  1. Gar2188 Member Member

    Hey all, so I'm just doing some research on puffers. Is it possible to feed a diet that doesn't includes snails? Would foods like mussels and clams work for keeping their teeth in check?
  2. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    No, you need to feed snails if you want a Figure 8 puffer.

    Snails are an extremely important part of their diet. They usually crush the shell while eating the snail, and that's what grinds their teeth down.
    With mussels and clams, they don't really crush the shells, they just rip off the flesh, making them unsuitable as a staple diet.
  3. AntsRule Member Member

    Snails are not that hard to breed, easier than clams.
  4. Gar2188 Member Member

    Ok so I found someone who is selling Malaysian Trumpet Snails for cheap. Will these snails work for Figure 8s? I heard MTS have tough shells.
  5. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    Probably not, I heard MTS could damage teeth.
  6. Gar2188 Member Member

    I've read people crush they're shells before giving them to their puffer, would this work?
  7. Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    I would have thought that the Puffer needs to crush the shells itself in order to use it's teeth.
  8. Gar2188 Member Member

    I assume it's like partially crushed but the puffers still need to pick the shell pieces away to get the snail meat. Hopefully someone experienced can comment on this.
  9. GoldFiska Well Known Member Member

    Rams horns and bladder snails are the way to go. There aren't many shortcuts when it comes to puffers.

    Feeding crushed snails isn't exactly ideal, and many puffers aren't fond of the taste of MTS anyway.