Figure 8 Puffer Care Info?

Les Miz <3
Does anyone have experience with keeping figure 8 puffer fish? Is a 120L aquarium big enough for them- if so, how many can you get?

I also heard you need to transition them to saltwater, so how and when do you do that/ what salinity do you need?

What’s the best food for them, and do their beaks grow too big in captivity?

What should a setup look like for their aquarium in general? (Temperature, decorations, plants etc)

Sorry for posting so many questions, but most websites I looked on gave really different advice so I got confused...
I am not expert by any means, but I've had Squirt my Figure 8 for a few months now. The fish shop I got him from kept him in freshwater, so I've done the same.
Puffers typically shouldn't be kept together. And the "recommended" size for a single puffer varies from 10 gallon to 30 being the minimum. But he's seemed very happy and active in my 20, though he is less than two inches.
Squirt always has about a dozen ghost shrimp in his tank for him to eat, which he does often. Little piggy usually has a big belly. I also feed him frozen bloodworms.
My tank has lots of live plants, as puffers love to swim around and explore, so the more decor the better! He seems to like the Anachris Aeloa (spelling?) They typically like high 70s.
But again, I am no expert, this is how I've had Squirt for about four months and so far so good.

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