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  1. Tanya Farrell

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    Hello could someone me please, for the last two week my fighter has been acting different, at first he look like he was dieing but the next day he was swimming around and eating then the next day he want down hill again,, for two weeks now his not eating swimming and his breathing heavy everything has checked by the people at the fish shop, not many fish in the tank with him, his in a 100litwr tank please help whst can I do
  2. appcontrol

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    What are water parametars? Is tank cycled? Dose he have some body changes?

    In first hand and without more information i can only suggest to remove him in quarantine and to give him some immunity buster like voogle.
  3. OP
    Tanya Farrell

    Tanya FarrellValued MemberMember

    They are all good,, his body is half white and the rest of him is normal yes tank is cycled the tank has been going since the beinging of the year all of the other fish are ok
  4. appcontrol

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    I don't know then if you did check all parameters and you are 100% sure that you don't have ammonia or nitrite levels up.

    I would just look at it and it's behavior for some time.
    It could be some internal problem like parasites but i can't be sure. Dose he poop?

    Try feed him some frozen blanched peas without skin and dip it in garlic oil that make them crazy for eating. You could buy some immunity buster like easylife voogle or something similar.

    After that if he isn't better and there aren't any other signs i would maybe treat him in quarantine for internal parasits.
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    love the fish grammer here i want to say "fighting fish" "fish shop" lol
  6. Demeter

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    Can you post some photos? What are the other fish he is living with? What is the temp of the water?
  7. OP
    Tanya Farrell

    Tanya FarrellValued MemberMember

    I have try all of this, he won't eat and he doesn't poop the other fish are platies and mollies, the temp is 27