Few Questions

  1. Dropszecolorlord

    Dropszecolorlord Valued Member Member

    i have a small freshwater tank that has a convict in it i was hoping to make the tank more natural other that cute
    like it currently is, to look a like this tank i found online.

    Question one: how do you acclimate a plant?

    Question two: in this environment how would a snail do?

    Question three: could i get a plant from a pond (if i remove it correctly with all the roots) and put it in the tank?

    last question how would a snail do against a mellow convict
  2. C

    ChiefBrody Valued Member Member

    1. Depends on the plant. Most can be put right in
    2. A snail would most likely become many snails depending on the species. So yes a snail would do well
    3. You can take any plant from a pond but it's best to rinse it in a light bleach solution first then rinse again in some tank water first

    I'm sure if it's big enough the convict will pay it little mind
  3. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    1. You don't. Just throw (don't actually throw it, just plant it) them in the tank.
    2. Depends on the species of snail. If it is a pest snail (bladder, pond or sometimes ramshorne), it would thrive.
    3. Depends on the plant, but if it can live in a pond, it should be able to live in the tank.
    4. Depends on the snail, but the convict might eat it if it is too small though.