Few of the faves

  1. SarahFish Member Member

    My Weather Loaches-King Julian & Maurice

    My Fantail-Bubbles

    My Colombian Sharks
  2. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Pretty! I have Dojo Loaches and I really love them. Mine have gotten big enough I had to move them to a 55g and will have to move them bigger eventually.
    thanks for sharing the pics :)
  3. angel_scout Well Known Member Member

    Nice fish!
  4. orbelina Member Member

    Wow love the sharks they are really cool...:D
  5. SarahFish Member Member

    Butterfly: I love them, they are always so active! Right now they are so small that they can't even eat a shrimp pellet because the pellet is too big for their mouths! Its funny to watch as they try to nom on it and it moves away haha.

    Orbelina: thanks! They are awesome! They never hide which is nice from a catfish, and when I gravel vac they always come over to inspect the new creature in their tank. They're getting very aggressive lately and they're only about 3-4" long! I really need to get my 55g set up for them, but Im not allowed until I move out. :(

    Thanks for the comments!
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Yeah I remember mine being that small LOL They would roll shrimp pellets over and over sucking the softened parts off. Mine also just adore thawed frozen blood worms. When they were smaller they would eat blood worms from my hand. now they even eat flakes from the surface. Funny things!
    Glad your enjoying them :)
  7. SarahFish Member Member

    They get bloodworms as a treat also! They are pretty skittish though, they run away when I put my hand in the tank to clean or arrange, but I hope they take flakes from the surface some day that is so cute. You should make a video of them, I'd love to see yours!
  8. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

  9. SarahFish Member Member

    Awesome! Ill go check them out. Today I came home and thought someone had chewed the head off one of mine!! They barely ever borrow beneath the sand, they hide in the castle to sleep is about it. But today he was all hidden except for his tail and head and it frightened me at first!!