Ferts for mid-high light tank?

  1. bassbonediva

    bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    My 55gal has a Current NOVA 108W (I think it's 108W...I could be wrong) T5HO fixture on it. I am running actinics and 10K bulbs. My bulbs need to be replaced (I think that's why my swords aren't doing so well...when I first got the fixture, my swords were epic) and I will not be changing the setup. I currently have jungle val, swords, giant hairgrass, some sort of broadleaf crypt (looks like a sword does when it's grown emersed, with the big spade-like leaves), and java fern. My val does pretty well, but the rest of my plants are kind of suffering. After I replace my bulbs, what kind of ferts should I look into getting? I know swords are root feeders, so root tabs would be best for them...but what about the rest? I've never had an algae problem in this tank, even when I first got the fixture and it was relatively new (I think it was only a couple of months old when I bought it), but I've never dosed ferts or used CO2 on the tank.
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    When you replace your light tubes, don't get actinic. This color temp is too low for plants to utilize and it often leads to algae.

    As for ferts, I'd recommend dry ferts. The individual components are easily customized to your tank's requirements.
  3. OP

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    See, I've always had minimal algae and decent growth with the actinics. Any suggestions for a bulb combo that would promote plant growth, but still give me the cool (not as in neat, talking about color palette here) lighting effect that the actinics do? I'm just not a fan of the warmer light created by plant bulbs. Or could I maybe get a single bulb T5 fixture and put an actinic in it, just for light effect, and put the more "plant friendly" bulbs in the NOVA fixture I have?

    This is the look I have had on the tank and I love it: