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    Root tabs are good, but some aren't particularly high in macronutrients. Root tabs coupled with a regular water column fertilizer would be the best option.

  3. Thunder_o_bFishlore VIPMember

    I use SeaChem root tabs. Apply every 3 months. I also use several SeaChem liquid supplements.

  4. SFGiantsGuyWell Known MemberMember

    Ugh, I almost have to use root tabs for a LOT of A. swords (4 mother plants not including many others!) TWICE per month for the macros...kinda sucks...! I alternate half dosages every other day now, to allow injucted CO2 absorption and photsyn. Iron every other day, then potassium every other day, but only half dose. Use Thrive and Easy Green mix/blend twice per week at half dose. Flourish contemp, only once per week, Excel and Advance only once per week now. Werks very well...took about a year to tweak it out and fine tune the ferts regimen though!
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    O_O ... taking notes... lol im totally lost in fertilisations kind, brands, and dosages....
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  7. SFGiantsGuyWell Known MemberMember

    All tanks are different and require different regimens/dosing, lighting, substrate etc. Keep slowly adding at first, and then progress as needed when you first see positive results; dial thingsforward, or backward, when pending. Yeah took me years to master it and still learning things, practically every day! It's basically and essentially like this: Plants bu themselves and their overall care is like this: Mixing a ton of different colors together, and your goal is then, not to wind up with brown if you catch my drift. : )

    Flourish root tabs and ferts are pretty good! I use API for the macros and Flourish tabs for the micros. (and Thrive and Easy Green for the liquid ferts) And no no no, you're not gonna mess up.
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    It's always good (and fun) to explore and apply any base fundamentals when it comes to plants in aquarium, as you should never be intimidated or skeptical when through much trial and error, ups and downs to tweak and persist yourself to hit the "sweet spot" when it comes to nursing live plants. Most of the time they can sometimes be even more so challenging than even live fish, inverts etc, but you'll duly be rewared in the end, as the challenge and effort is in itself very comfounding and will produce and reinforce a positive and wise base fundmental which will amplify and hone your set skill for any further plant nursing and care endeavors. Thus, never give, nor get overly discouraged, as it's almost inevitable, for your end result will be fruitful and satisfying as well. Kinda like a recipe, or anything else: tweaking and practice, practice practice. Use what "tools" you need, and your budding skills--like a plant, it can only grow forward, and not backward. Go with your gut as well. And permit nature to act as a catalyst for the learning experience.

    Some typos there courtesy of my cheap PS4 keyboard, AGH!
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    Lol we dont care about your typos, the way you passionatly speaks is trully adorable lol love to read you :)

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