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Fertilizers For 10g Tank (beginner) Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Deep Dave, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Deep Dave Valued Member Member

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    I have recently started a 10 Gallon Tank with Fluval Stratum as substrate and following plants (Hope all spellings are right :p) -

    1) MonteCarlo
    2) Anubias Nana
    3) Hygrophilia Corymbosa
    4) Alteranthera Burgundy
    5) Ludwigia Glandulosa

    Its not very heavily plated.

    I am currently using the following Ferts -

    1) Nutrafin NPK - 5 Ml twice a week

    2) Dymax Flora Plus (Trace Elements) - 5Ml Twice a Week ( )

    3) Aquaforest Carbon Boost - 1 Ml Daily.

    I do not have a Co2 Unit.

    Is there anything I need to add?

    Currently accommodating following live stock -

    1) Guppy - 3 Nos.
    2) Otos - 4 Nos.
    3) Assasing Snail - 1 No.


  2. LeviS Valued Member Member

    For a beginner you seem to have it covered. If you start getting algae you have to adjust your lighting or ferts. What light are you using? The Monte Carlo (all plants) would benefit from co2 but if it’s working for you as is then it’s not required. Anubias is a slow grower so no big deal there. Monitor your nitrates for your dosing and you should have a thriving tank.
    If your just starting your dosing and have a low plant load as stated you may see algae soon and if so just reduce the dose.
  3. Deep Dave Valued Member Member


    Thanks for the reply.. :)

    MonteCarlo is the only one that isnt doing well.. Also certain leaves have a bit of yellowish coloring and holes in them.. But I have started with the carbon boost just 2 days back, so will see how the plants respond.

    I am not having a severe algae issue yet, the tank is running for over 2 weeks with 10 hrs light each day.

    I am using a 5wt hang on white LED, which I got from AliExpress.
  4. LeviS Valued Member Member

    The yellow and pin holes indicate a nutrient deficiency. I’m not well versed enough to tell you which one without google lol. Be careful with the carbon supplement as if it’s the same as flourish excel it can have a negative impact on some plants killing them off. Keep us posted. Maybe others will have some input soon.
  5. Deep Dave Valued Member Member