Fertilizer Toxic/Lethal To Ghost Shrimp?

Okay, I have a well-established 10g planted tank, it has 1 female betta, 3 otocinclus, and just today I added 3 ghost shrimp. Luckily I remembered something about certain fertilizers being toxic/lethal to shrimp... I looked it up and apparently, 1 ppm (0.0001%) of copper is toxic/lethal to shrimp. The fertilizer that I use (NilocG Thrive C) says it has 1 ppm (0.0001%) copper in it, now I am worried about dosing my tank with fertilizer... Should I be concerned, any ideas? (List below is the ingredients of my fertilizer.)

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (10).png
You know that the concentration refers to the fertilizer liquid undiluted?

When you put in 1-2ml of the fetilizer in a 100l tank, you dilute it to a so low concentration my calculator hasn't enough digits for the number of zeroes after the comma.

Also, Otocinclus also react sensitive to copper.

Still the concentration will stay low, provided you do enough waterchanges and dose the fertilizer correctly.
The toxic level of copper is
0.03 mg per liter is toxic to shrimp.
NilocG is well within the limits, infact the amount you state can be found in shrimp food.
What NilocG do say and are quite clear on this is you must stick to their recommended water changes
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