Fertilizer And Shrimp

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    So I have an established 20G with 4 cherry shrimp, a few small fish, hornwort, moss, and some jungle Val. I think adding some fertilizer would do wonders for the colour and growth of the Vals, but all the fertilizers I’ve looked at contain copper. I’ve heard copper is very, very harmful to shrimp.
    Does anyone know anything about what fertilizers I can use that won’t hurt my shrimp?
  2. psalm18.2

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    Thrive S is shrimp safe. Designed especially for shrimp tanks.
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    jay3 Valued Member Member

    Thank you so much!

  4. Jessica J

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    I use aqueon aquarium plant food in both of our tanks and it doesnt have copper in it, it does wonders for our plants they almost double in size in just a few weeks. Our ghost shrimp have been in there for a month and we add the plant food everyweek.
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    Seachem Flourish has copper but in small amounts it’s harmlessly shrimp just use as directed.
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