Female Pregnant Rosy Barb acting strangely


I noticed today that my silver rosy barb (assuming to be female) is very plump and bloated (assuming she is carrying eggs). She is acting very lethargic. I pulled her off the filter intake about and hour ago. She then began swimming fine. Only to discover her hiding in the bottom corner of the tank. I thought this might be part of the mating process. However, she is now lying upside down and breathing heavily in one of my plastic plants. I do not intend to breed rosy barbs and will not be separating her to her own tank with a suitable mate. I feel very certain these are not normal behaviors. Can anyone enlighten me or should I have my funeral net prepared?

My tank is well-established see aquarium info if specific details are needed. Thanks for your valuable input.

James Jammer

A healthy fish cannot get stuck on the filter intake. I'm sorry to say by your description your fish is dying.


I am pretty certain she is dying. She is now lying in a plant. Should I keep encouraging her to upright herself? or just wait till morning for the likely inevitable "big net scoop in the sky?" I was HOPING since I have never had a preggo fish that this could be normal.


I'm very sorry. Whenever a fish gets stuck to the filter, it dosnt have much time left

James Jammer

Sorry I went to bed after that post. Assuming she is still alive there isn't much you can do aside from euthanizing her yourself. If not, you can't really upright her, just check and remove her as soon as she has passed.


She didn't make it to bed time. Bummer! I was really looking forward to a rosy barb family

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