Female Platy displaying odd behavior


Hi, so the past few days ago, one of my female platies has been displaying odd behavior. She will hide in a corner of my tank where my plants are or today, she hid in my drifwood for most of the day. She will come out and eat when I feed them at night but she hides most of the day. Then when I see her move about, she's like very fast, almost jolty. Anyone know what could be going on with her? Don't think she's pregnant, but I could be wrong. Anyone know what's going on with her? My other platy is completely fine, she's always out doing her thing.


She sounds like she’s pregnant. Sometimes fish will bully each other and force one to a corner. Got any fish that might be doing that? Sometimes fish get lethargic as they get older. I have an endler that is on her way out she just hides away from the boys all day.
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