Female MTS snail injury update


When this happened, I never posted about it because I really had no idea what would occur.

But, I did want to share her progress as she is stable & yes even still lays clutches of eggs.

Early summer, I lifted the lid of my 38 gallon community tank and heard a thud. A female MTS had been laying eggs and the swing movement of lifting the lid made her fall on the floor in a very hard manner causing impact wound where shell went missing and several cracks.

Prior to this event she was 4 months old & pristine condition.

I had read that she was likely a goner but I had read where if shell was missing , the area calcified. Not great, but not a death sentence either.

anyone who has a MTS knows they get used to you and less timid if you use care & they associate you with food.

So I cleaned her off, placed her into a 1 gallon glass bowl & changed her water every day for 60 days.

I added a few cichlid fish food pellets, 1/2 a algae wafer, leaves (any loose leaves from main tank) & small pieces of broccoli or cucumber. I also added a small piece of tums for calcium. yes, not optimal but easy to manage given tank size & constant care.

at first she ignored the solids but later moved up to eating them especially the center of cucumber

because of where injury was, she was laid onto counter on her back during water changes

at 60 days or there abouts, she climbed out of bowl even though water level was 5 inches from top. So I moved her out of the 1 gallon,she was telling me she was ready!

I had to keep her in a pristine environment due to wound & my community tank has assassin snails, so she went into the 6 gallon Aqueon tank with betta Apollo. she's been there about a month. I have 1 ramshorn in there 1 very small mystery snail, diff kind, not a MTS.

the shell swirl had been blunt force trauma collapsed & has grown back. the front of her shell is still in 'recovery'. she has a banner going across it and the bottom where shell is gone actually look much better. it has lines but less fractured frail look.

Sorry, no early injury pics. I really wasn't sure she'd make it. I really wasn't think before & after when it occurred.

she does lay eggs now, but it's more like half a clutch & not symmetrical.

I do talk to her & rub her shell. it's funny she did actually gurgle & release water just now. Now, I don't handle her like before but she doesn't fully retreat on me either.

In the early days I wasn't sure if she could climb for air, so I would hold her for a minute & she'd breathe rapidly like she was taking a big breath. I think it was 5 to 7 days before I saw her at surface edge. So the air breathing - me taking her out was several times a day.

I should give her a name, she's broken but a survivor.

anyway , here's her pics. if she was male, she'd be Humpty Dumpty! maybe I'll call her Alice instead. :) It was my Nana's name & seems fitting.



I dropped a mystery snail a few months ago (he fell off something I was removing from tank onto the floor). He’s still going strong but hasn’t regrown the center of his spiral even though the rest of his shell has healed completely. His name is Marble because that’s what he sounded like hitting the floor :eek:
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