Female guppy who's eyes were popped out

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I have a female guppy who's eyes were popped out but since adding salt seem to be getting better but she also looks discoloured (white patch around head)
also one of my males has been keeping his top fin close to his body and now he seems to have a small white patch near his top fin
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Ok, first of all, the protruding of the eyes is a diesease called popeye which can easily be cured with regualar water changes and medication. Discoloration might be caused by stress. I'm looking at your stock, and your tank stock comes out to a total of just over 16" worth of fish. I'm guessing you followed one fish/gallon rule? This should not be used, but rather the one inch of adult fish per gallon rule. Consider decreasing the amount of fish in your tank (look who's talking) and then see how things do after that. As for the clamping of fins, I think this is a bacterial infection.
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First do you test your water for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates? Are you doing water changes every week?

Sounds to me like your female has a bacterial infection in her eyes called "popeye", which is not cured by the salt....it might be drawing the fluid out, but isn't curing the problem. Often popeye strikes when a tank has high nitrates....this is why I am asking about your water tests.

The other problems, the white patches sound like a fungus. My suggestion would be to start with water changes....then use a medication called Melafix. After a week if your fish aren't responding to that there are other medications you can use....

The real issue though has to be good water quality, and tank maintenance. Good Luck.
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I have been doing water changes.I am not sure about my levels though I need to buy a test kit. but I had 2 african dwarf frogs that on friday were not doing well they looked prefectly fine but if fell on their backs they couldn't right themselves and by the end of the night they were dead

as a side note everything in my tank was fine until I tried a new food called aquadine it made the water quite cloudy and very yellow. also it left a sand like sediment in my gravel
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I have to agree that your tank sounds over stocked.....especially now hearing about the frogs. A 10 gallon tank can support 10" of adult fish.....Since the recommendation for guppies is 3 females to one male (cuts down on pestering), your tank could support one such group, and that is all....Even the fry would have to be removed to a different tank, to keep from overcrowding. Guppies are counted between 2 & 2.5" each.

The problems that occur with overcrowding are more evident when the fish (or frogs) start dieing....but before that, a person will notice small things, like fin rot, sickness of all sorts, just an overall upset in the tank...This can be because of aggression of the fish, or poor health due to high chemical concentrations.

If you cycled the tank prior to adding fish your ammonia and nitrite should both be at 0, but the nitrates climb quickly with an over stocked tank. Nitrates over 10 and this stress starts. Over 20 and it is actually unhealthy just because of the nitrate levels. An over stocked tank can easily be as high as 80-200 nitrates ! This is why you need to test, and do water changes, as many as necessary to bring the levels down to a healthy reading.

Many of us have been through the very same thing, we speak from experience, and I can tell you for sure it is a lot more relaxing to have a healthy tank.

Most here at fishlore recommend the API Master test kit for freshwater (liquid)....this is accurate, and has all the tests you need for most community tanks. There is a post I've seen just today about a special being offered....the price is well worth it.
Test "strips" are not reliable. Good Luck, I hope you can get this all worked out.
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Welcome to Fishlore.

The popeye is a bacterial infection and can be treated with Maracyn-Two, but try the Melafix first. The fungus can be treated with a product called Rid-Fungus.
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ok I tested my water levels and wvrything is great. I have also started melafix and the female died the next day
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Sorry about your guppy. :console:

What were the results of the tests?
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We're sorry that you lost her.
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well now last night I lost 2 more guppies and today one female isn't looking good as well as one male
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Is it possible to post a picture of them? Have you treated them with an antibiotic yet? If they're not responding at all to Rid-Fungus, they could have columnaris which would need an antibiotic.
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not tried to get pics but it didn't work am now down to 2 guppies 1 male 1 female and 2 neons. I talked with a local fish store owner and he told me to try copper because he thinks it may be velvet so we're trying that now. also last night the female had a ton of babies. about 40 of them in under an hour. we removed them from the tank and put them into a smaller minI tank for now. also moved the neons out because they will die with the copper treatment
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I'm not sure that it could be velvet. You would see a lot of goldish white spots on them, very much like ich.
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ok well am now down to 1 male guppy but he is perfectly fine so maybe we just didn't catch it in time
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well he died too so my tank has been thoroughly cleaned and is set up and am waiting a while to add new fish
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I'm sorry you lost that last guppy too.

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