Female guppy died before giving birth

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Tryscia, Dec 5, 2012.

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    A while back I had a pregnant guppy in a community tank, so I placed her in a breeder box.
    However she got sick and died.

    Now I have 10gal tank just for guppies, and one of my females gave birth inside the tank.
    I don't have a seperate tank for the fry, and didn't want to seperate the female again, being afraid she might
    die. I provided hiding spots and plants in the tank for the fry. So far some of them have survived. I thought
    I would be ok with things working this way, but I worry all the time that they will make it.

    I want to start using the breeder box again, but first I want to find what my problem was the first time around.
    I have this breeding box: . Could it be that I put her in there too early? Or maybe I didnt put the breeder box deep enough in the water, so the water didn't circulate enough? Her scales got kind of mouldy before she died, almost like they were melting (sorry that's the best way I can describe it).
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    She might have been sick, but my breeder net was too small and stressed out my female guppies. Put some plants or shelter/cover in there to make her feel more secure?

    If you have lots of plants and shelter in your tank, some guppies will survive. The healthiest ones. This is the best method, otherwise you end up with far too many too quickly.
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    I have a 20G guppie tank and was wondering if the babys might of been getting ate cause it had been about 3 months being up, but just 3 weeks ago I found 11 babys and still have all 11 I have 2 filters on that tank with no sponge on the intakes and they do fine, for the first week I fed them a mixture of hikari first bites along with omega flakes that I crushed up in a bag untill it was very fine like powder, now they are just getting flakes that I crush in my hand and feed them they are still small and the bigger ones are just showing color,
    I have a few caves in the tank with two very big clumps of hornwort, and a bunch of floating top water plants aswell,

    if its a guppie only tank in your ten gallon and its not to over populated some kind of floating plant just let the tank take its course you will have babys in no time.
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    Thank you very much. Having to feed the fry more times a day, will the extra food be bad for the adults
    or will they be ok with it?
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    Btw Welcome to Fishlore,
    I fed my baby guppies three times a day but just very little amounts,
    I have some shrimp that eat the left overs or at least most of the left overs, I would do 2 small water changes a week to keep fresh water for the babys to thrive and get extra food/waste out of the tank,
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    Thank you :) and thanx for the info. Feeling a lot better about the whole thing now.