Female Guppies Getting Sick

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    Nimra New Member Member

    Hi! Almost all my female guppies are sick now, with the following symptoms:
    1. they keep their tail in a clenched position
    2. most of them have partially lost their tail, which also shows some white colloring
    3. half of them have a shrunken, died out belly, and are rather ghoulish looking

    But all of my males are fine. How can it be that this disease only hit females?

    I have also attached some photos. Does anyone have a clue what this could be?

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  2. Buganjimo

    Buganjimo Well Known Member Member

    I’d say fin rot by the looks of it, but are they eating? The sunken in bellies isn’t good. Could be parasites too if they’re not eating.

    What is the tank size and tank mates? As well as water parameters, temp, and filtration. Lastly, have you seen them poop, if you have, is it white and/or stringy?
  3. OP

    Nimra New Member Member

    Some of them show white poop, and as far as I can see, they're not very excited to eat.

    Tank size: 100 L
    Tank mates: rummynose tetrae, 5 corydoras paleatus, 2 SAE, babaulti shrimp, assassin snails.
    External filter with sponge, medium and active carbon
    Temperature: 26 degrees Celsius
    pH 7.5 to 8
    Unfortunately I'm unable to measure nitrates/nitrites/ammonia.

    What also really bothers me here is, how is it possible that only females got sick :/
  4. Buganjimo

    Buganjimo Well Known Member Member

    The fact that only the females got sick might be coincidence, but it sounds like they have parasites. So I’d treat them for that. Do you have any meds on hand?