Female Gbr Staying At The Bottom Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by dvboas, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. dvboasNew MemberMember

    Hi! I have a female German Blue Ram and a male. They have been in the same tank for almost 1 year.

    The last 2 days she tends to stay at the bottom of the tank and does not swim, except when I put food on the tank and she rushes to get it, and then returns to the bottom.

    She avoids the male and hides as soon as she sees him. She is not bullied by any other fish in the tank, but is chased by the male in a gentle way and the male does not shows aggressive behavior at all.

    Water parameters are correct.

    What could be the cause for this behavior (staying at the bottom of the tank and not swimming around)?

  2. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    Does she appear bloated?

  3. dvboasNew MemberMember


  4. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    Since their very shy I’m guessing that somehow she feels cowed did you add anything new to the tank?
  5. dvboasNew MemberMember

    No, no new tank mates.
  6. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    I was think decorations any new decoration plants mechanical equipment
  7. AquaticJFishlore VIPMember

    How positive are you that it’s a male and female?
  8. dvboasNew MemberMember

  9. DarkOneFishlore VIPMember

    See any eggs?
  10. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah she might be ready to spawn if the male is chasing her that’s courting behavior
  11. dvboasNew MemberMember

    No eggs.
  12. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    Does she have any signs of disease
  13. dvboasNew MemberMember

    No other issues other than staying at the bottom.
    It seems like a swim bladder problem, but there is no other visible symptom apart from staying at the bottom and move without lifting her body from the bottom.
    She is eating. She swims to the top at feeding time and returns to the bottom.
    I really do not know what could be the cause for this, and it started a week ago.

    Also, I moved her to another tank away from the male (in case he could b disturbing her too much), but no changes noted to her.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  14. dvboasNew MemberMember

    Still no progress after almost 2 weeks.

    I do not know what is happening, if she is sick or what is the cause for this. Remains at the bottom (almost like a Corydora), coming to mid tank occasionally if there is food time and swimming at an angle sometimes (front up, rear down).

    Anyone had any fish behaving like this? Even if it is not a GBR?

    At this stage I suspect of some problem with the swim bladder, that is affecting her ability to swim without effort...

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