Female Bully 10 Gallon Tank

  1. S

    Snore Valued Member Member

    Is it normal to have a female pregnant guppy be bullying a male and other female?

    Already went through 2 guppies (male and female) a few weeks back cause this female guppy i believed bullied them to death :/

    She also seems very active swimming and bouncing around the tank. I was wondering at what point should i put her in the floating breeding trap? To soon will stress her right?

    The other guppys are even stayin out of her way and shes bombin after them
  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    it is normal...ive had a few that I thought were cichlids as they were so mean....try taking her out and re arranging the tank deco ...keep her our for a good 45 min or so...then re add her to see if that helps....
  3. m

    madisun New Member Member

    I've got a very aggressive female guppy at the moment.
    She's around 3 years old, and went from being a normal, happy guppy to psycho bully that picks on one particular male. She’ll go hunt him out to attack him.

    An over abundance of food settled her for a while. I’ve also had the suggestion to warm the tank up slightly, from 25ged C to 26 deg C (77 to 79 deg F).
    I always used to keep my guppies in 27 deg water (80 F) and they were really mellow. But now I have a community tank I don’t want to turn the heat up.

    I'm going to get some more females through the week to boost the female/male ratio to try and calm things down.
  4. Zevyn

    Zevyn Valued Member Member

    The largest female in my tank does this. It's mostly when there's food around and she's plumped up and about to drop fry. She eats with the Panda Cory's and doesn't bother them, just the other guppies (male and female). She doesn't do any damage though; she's just pushy and feisty, lol.