Female blue lost her black spot


I just noticed that within the past 4 hours or so, my female blue ram has totally lost her black spot. She still has a lot of gold, plenty of blue spangles and her belly is still bright pink. My male blue ram is still as colorful as ever, and if anything, his black spot seems to have increased in size.

I read the thread titled "Rams losing color?" and thought this may be something else, due to the fact that my male was not affected.

She is in a well cycled 55 gal with 8 guppies, 2 bolivian rams, a male blue ram, one keyhole, and 4 cory cats.

Any help would be appreciated! If I seem to come up with any conclusions myself, I'll be sure to let it be known.


Any pictures?


Many cichlids change coloration patterns due to mood, tank conditions, stress, tank mates, where they're at in breeding cycle, and probably many reasons the human race as no clue about. If any other changes take place, coloration, behavior, etc please let us know, but Butterfly is more knowledgable than myself, so perhaps she can help further.


I have photos of her as of last night, but none with the color gone. The vertical stripe on her face is coming back quite well now, and I can see a faint black spot on both sides, as well as the red outlining on her dorsal/pelvic fins.

Maybe she was just in a funk. I don't know. I'll keep a close eye on parameters and conditions and see if a pattern forms. Hopefully it won't happen again though.

Thanks for the quick response though, both of you.


anybody harassing her? Like the male maybe It's usually best to have two females so the male doesn't harass the lone female.


They seem to get along pretty well. The male is usually pre-occupied chasing the Bolivians around, and only picks on the female every once in a while. Now the male's colors have seemed to have faded a bit. Its quite perplexing, but their behavior still seems fine, so I suppose I shouldn't worry too much.

I'll look into getting another female, though. Unfortunately, the LFS that has blue rams isn't so local. Its about an 1hr15min away

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