female bettas and stress stripes

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by midthought, Apr 17, 2010.

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    My female betta that I brought home yesterday is doing okay...she's in QT, eating decently (overly suspicious of pellets, but she'll eat them after several sniffs), swimming around and exploring. She's actually very mischievious -- she a couple times before I raised it, and she likes hanging out by the filter output with all the bubbles, very unlike my other two bettas.

    Anyway, my question is basically about stress stripes. I've sat and watched her and she has shown them prominently at one of the tank and then lost them by the time she's on the other side. I borrowed the standard light for my 10g so I could get a better look at her and that evidently caused her her stress stripes to get super prominent and tip to tip on her. She evidently just likes it a bit dark. :cool:

    So I'm wondering, is it normal behavior for her to apparently be stressed so often? It's nice that there's an indicator, but I certainly hope she chills out by the time I get her out of quarantine. >.<
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    I'm noticed that females show the stress lines alot faster then the males but once she settles down and get's used to everything they shouldn't show up so often...
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    Ha, I didn't even know males exhibited stress lines. :-X I've never seen my boys with them, even after taking them home on the subway in the winter, accidentally taking the express train and then wasting an extra 20-30 minutes getting home. :;smack I think I just kind of put both stress lines and breeding lines in the same compartment in my mind, since I'd never thought about it much with regards to my boys.