Female Betta Needs A Name

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Lynn78too, May 16, 2019.

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    I've had this new betta for about 2 months now and I can't find a name for her. Her dorsal fin is starting to turn a pretty blue. She is very hard to get a picture of, she's kind of spunky. If the light is on she can see her reflection and will attack it and when she sees me I'm assuming she thinks I'm feeding her. I'm usually not.

    So I need help finding a name! We had one but it wasn't sticking.

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    Bella the betta cuz shes beautiful!

  4. The_fishy Valued Member Member

    Ora (Latin for coast/beach)
    Clara (Latin for bright)
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    I actually really like that but she is probably going to turn blue. She doesn't like to lift her fin often but when she does you can see 2 different colors of blue, one is almost a turquoise. When I got her 2 months ago she had no blue on her.
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    I have a female koi betta that looks similar and is also turning blue. Yours is a koi betta aswell and nearly all koi bettas have the marble gene so will change colours throughout their life
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    How about plum?
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    This is actually my first one that has changed. I've had solids and marbled and solid white but none have changed colors. I'm looking forward to her changing. She still won't stay peach/orange though.
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    Any other suggestions?

    Some of our bettas' names have been Alpha (my hubby that he was witty), Sunny, Ironman, Ghost, Kirby, and Shadow.
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    Morgan (after Iron Man’s daughter)
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    You said, "she's kind of spunky," so I would call her "spunky" or "spunk" based on your first post. My original thought was to call her "sporty," which coincidentally is the name of a spice girl. However, "Spunky" or "spunk" or "spunkster" is good too. In addition to this, you could give her two names if you want.