Female Betta in a 20?

  1. bigblue55 Member Member

    Hi everyone! This post is about fighter55's 20 gallon tank. Here is the current stock for it:
    1 Gold Ram
    7-9 Shrimp(I'm not sure of what species)
    1 Honey DG
    3 Peppered Cories(soon to be 6)
    7 Red Phantom Tetras
    1 CPO Crayfish

    Just so this is out there, the tetras, shrimp, and crayfish are optional for him He already has the Cories, Gold Ram, and Honey. Soon it will be just the cories and the Gold Ram though, since the Honey has a bad case of Iridovirus. We guess he'll last 'til tomorrow:(. He has the Gold Ram in the 20 as well as the cories(the 20 right now is a back up QT) because he doesn't want iridovirus to spread. They are under very close observation, and right now look fine. We've been looking at some other fish, because we are trying to get a solid stock that will last. He has fallen in love with the Female Bettas at our LFS, and was wondering if he could add some to the 20, and if so, how many? Oh yeah, fighter55 isn't posting this because he made a stupid bet that he won't go on the computer for a week. We'll see how that goes. Thanks in advance!
  2. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Ok, is it a Honey goruami or a Dwarf, two separate species. While DG are prone and i mean PRONE to Irdovirus(they have their own strain) Honey as well as other species of fish can get other strains. So if its a HONEY then i would not be adding anything at all. If its a Dwarf Goruami, then its fine, DGI doesn't affect other fish.

    As far as the stock goes, i think with 7 phantoms, 6 cory and a ram your pretty well stocked in a 20. Im not sure about CPO crays and other fish.
  3. bigblue55 Member Member

    It was labeled Honey Gourami, but it's coloration looks like it is a crossbreed. The Honey's were kept in a same tank as the DG's too. I'm almost sure it is a crossbreed. As for the stocking: The Tetras and CPO's and Shrimp are all optional, as we don't have them yet. Instead of one or two them, would the female bettas work?
  4. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    There are no cross breeds silly:p. What color is it? Red? Just light or solid red? Any blue at all to the fins? 1 female betta. You are not ready for a sorority tank, which requires 6+ and a ton of experience with betta females.
  5. bigblue55 Member Member

    Oh. Ok. I just thought there was a crossbreed since I saw that they were from the same genus, but my bad. It is a light red/gold with a blue on the fins. Would 3 betta females work, or do I need more experience? I can go 1 though, it's better than none at all.
  6. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    3 wont work. If it had the blue, its a DG and your probably dealing in DGI which is DG specific, no worries to the other fish. Unfortunetly, Dwarf gourami and Honey dont do much cross breeding. Partly because they nest differently and they are on different aggression wavelengths. Just do 1. They are happier with just 1.
  7. bigblue55 Member Member

    Ok. I'm glad to know the sickness won't spread, and I'm sure fighter will be happy to know he can get a betta.
  8. bigblue55 Member Member

    One last question: What would I have to drop? It can be tetras, shrimp, or a CPO. I think it would be better to drop the CPO and shrimp, but I'm not sure.
  9. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    i don't think honeys can get idv. must be something else. i have a female betta in my 20g....so one would be fine. but not more, as things can get very tricky with multiple females.
  10. bigblue55 Member Member

    That's what I thought. Would Red Phantom Tetras be OK with a female?
  11. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    I thought phantoms were a little larger...maybe not good for a20. why drop the cpos or shrimp? they both are very cool...and easy on the bio load

  12. bigblue55 Member Member

    I have read that bettas can get a little nasty with Shrimp, and even though a CPO is more docile it still has claws, which generally isn't good with a slow, long-finned fish. The Red Phantoms I read only get to about 1.5" Is that still too big?
  13. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Id be cautious. Be sure that your being sold redphantoms and not serpae.
  14. bigblue55 Member Member

    I've seen them in the store, and I'm positive they are phantoms.
  15. jerilovesfrogs Fishlore VIP Member

    maybe i'm thinking of red eye tetras. they are a little larger. i thought you are talking about putting a female betta in the tank? they don't have long fins...so i think she'd be safe from things. my girl spends a lot of time at the mid/top region.
  16. bigblue55 Member Member

    Thanks! Thats all I needed to know. I don't want to torture a betta by putting fish in with it that will nip it.