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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Faber1790, Dec 18, 2012.

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    I've had my female betta for just over 2 years. She was a cup betta from petco (the one near was very good at this time). She has a 5 gallon all to herself, cycled and set up since before she came home. Water temp is 82 degrees and water parameters are 0,0,0 (I do a daily water change). I feed her NLS There plus A Monday-Friday, garlic soaked, freeze-dried bloodworm and frozen, de-shelled pea Saturday, and starve Sunday.

    Since about a month after I got her (So around 2 years) she has been ripe (belly round and egg duct visable). I never really worried about it because she is very active has never shown any signs of illness. Got to thinking about it, decided it probable wasn't normal and worried something was wrong. Again, she doesn't seem ill, just wondering if I should be worried. If it is a problem is there anything I can do? I do not own a male so she cannot see one

    Thanks for any advice :)
  2. fishaddiction

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    Maybe she's ready to spawn and is wanting a male so he can fertilize the eggs (can't have any eggs without male) I do not recommend putting a male in it will just create stress.
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    If there are no issues then I wouldn't worry about her. As stated above, putting a male in is absolute mountains of work.
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    I would not ever put a male in in this situation. Betta breeding is difficult and I'd have nothing to do with the fry. On top of that she is a cup betta, therefore does not have good genetics so I would not want to breed inferior fish. I was really just wondering if anyone had ever had female do this and/or if there were any negative consequences.
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    Some fish can become eggbound if they don't have a male to spawn with, but I don't believe bettaa do that. You would know by now.