Female Beta Fish

  1. Lonnie Initiate Member

    I have a 5 gallon aquarium. Was wondering if I could put 2 female Beta fish together. Thank you,
  2. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    If you divided it yes. But two female bettas cant go together. A female sorority has to be in a 20 gallon long with 7 bettas. They are still aggressive as males for territory!

  3. Niki Rose Well Known Member Member

    Generally to house females together you need to keep them in odd numbers so 3 5 7 9, 7 seems to be the number that works the most. There may be a lot of aggression with 2 females in a 5gal together and wouldn't advise it.
    For a sorority youd need a 20gal
  4. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    no... As already stated a sorority needs a 20 long heavily planted. But if you want to divide it that also would work as it needs to be a 10G, otherwise there is not enough space for each.

  5. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    I have 10 gallons divided but a 5gallon divided would be fine thats 2.7gallon for each fish which is better then a cup...
  6. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    I said there is not enough space, not gallonage. The amount of space that would be given by dividing a 5g is less than the amount of space in a 2.5 or 2.75. Even if its "better" than the temporary housing of cups, that if actually used how they are intended to be used with daily water changes and being heated(not like how there used in pet stores) should cause no issues, if kept long term in it in the long run it's not "better" considering it would be a lifelong thing vs a few weeks or months until they are able to be purchased. Just my opinion on it.
  7. CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    OR some jerk buys the small top fin 0.5gallon divided three way betta tank... (I just saved three bettas from someone who had them in this thing!) I say its fine if given the proper care and 5 gallons looks bigger then when you divide a 10gallon...

  8. Lonnie Initiate Member

    Wow! That is really cramping them in. Too small!