Femal Fastae Dying?!

  1. Bhopkins1311

    Bhopkins1311 Valued Member Member

    Not to lon ago this fish laid a bunch of eggs, had amazing color and was happy. She was in my 125 gallon for a long time. Yesterday she [​IMG][​IMG]was hiding away all day and didnt really eat, ha done this on and off since eggs. Today found hanging out near top of tank with no color at all. I moved her to 10 gallon quarentine for treatment. What do you guys think. All i have is melafix so i put some of that in there but i dont see body damage
  2. jakefoster

    jakefoster Well Known Member Member

    is there another fish that may be bullying her in the big tank? water perameters all good? if no other fish is harrassing her she might be better off left in the larger tank, being in a tiny 10gal might stress her out more. always first thing to do imo is water change. 50%
  3. OP

    Bhopkins1311 Valued Member Member

    Paramerters are good, my blood parrots and red devil bully her a little bit but its never to extreme