Felt grateful and proud of being a fishlorian


There are useful resources in the net. I happened to join Fishlore as the first forum (out of chance) ever. I've received a ton of helpful information and warm support.

...which I am not doubting as the sources (such as Fish Lore) are reputable...

We do have good reputation out there.

Just wanted to share it with you

Note: To find the context of this phrase look in the fifth paragraph of the section "Medication Misinformation" (scroll down the page).

Santo Domingo


Thank you for sharing that pepetj.
It's a great compliment to our many members who are always so willing to help and share their knowledge.


Thanks Pepe.
The article states that the reason Pimafix is not recommended for labrinth fish is because it has clove oil in it. Actually it has Pimenta racemosa (see where the Pimafix name comes from) oil in it. but no clove oil(cloves are the dried unopened flower bud of the clove tree). Pimenta racemosa is a tree and the oil from the tree leaves is what is used.
Melafix is made from Melaleuca which is the scientific name for the Tea Tree. This oil is what causes the problem with bettas and other labyrinth fish
It's always nice when we see sources that are complimentary to FishLore.


such a reputation despite me trolling around? you'd all win an award if I left


such a reputation despite me trolling around? you'd all win an award if I left

thanks for sharing!


I've said it before and and say it again without hesitation: were it not for the advice and compassion of Fishloreans, we'd still be losing fish for any number of reasons!.. no big surprise then that this site would get validation on other reputable sites!.. well done you guys : )


Richard!!! Long time no see! Thanks for the kind words and as I've said before it's all a group effort. We all make FishLore what it is.


Never went anywhere Carol : ) .. Thanks to you guys, our fish are so healthy and we've not had to contend with any tanks breaking or pumps and filters failing( knock wood), that I really only pop in and contribute to a coupla threads ever so often, like this one, which I endorse a hundred and ten percent!

Because of all I've learned, where I learned it and the really friendly and knowledgeable people like yourself that I learned it from, I'll always feel like a fishlorean.. even if I'm not posting stuff as much as I used to ; )

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