I like to know how many times a day do you feed your fish in a community tank please ? I've had people say once, twice and three times a day, what's your experience. Thanks


in my community tank I have silver tip and serpae tetras along with 3 algae eaters. I feed twice a day and for the algae eaters about once a week I drop in an algae wafer and about 3 shrimp pellets. I watch them eat to be sure everyone gets their share. On occasion I fast them for a day.




I normally feed my adult fish once a day. I also drop in food specially for the corys every night. I feed a variety of food for them and kinda rotate it each night. Elbert my bristlenose pleco gets a hunk of zucchinI at least twice a week. He also shares the food I drop in for the corys. Although they need different foods they still share veggie rounds, shrimp pellets, algae wafers and sinking bottom feeder wafers. I also make sure some of the flakes and/or crisps, blood or tubifex worms I rotate though for my other fish gets to the bottom for the corys. They are my little vacuum cleaners and clean up every piece of food that gets down to them.


I feed most my tanks twice a day, once in the morning when I get up about half an hour after the lights come on and once at 10pm about half an hour before the lights go out. When I have fry I feed more often.
If you feed twice a day or once a day it is important not to overfeed.
Some say feed only what they can eat in 5 mins but this depends on what fish and what food. If you feed floating food then bottom feeders won't touch it until it gets to the bottom whilst top feeders will feed as soon as it hits the water.
Keep an eye on the tank after feeding and look for signs of overfeeding like long stringy poo and food sitting on the bottom.
Most beginners overfeed to begin with, fish eat less than many think.
Also be careful what you feed a community tank, frozen,live and freeze dried food like brine shrimps, bloodworm etc are great treats but do not give a ballanced diet for all fish. I recommend feeding flake or similar sold as general tropical fish food and just give treats occasionally.
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I feed Tetra flakes twice a day will have to look for the sinking wafer / pellets. Thanks


Once or twice a day.

If I go into the office before their light turns on, I'll feed them once at night. But I try to feed them twice a day.

Make sure to feed them a variety of things. Different high quality pellets/flakes (NLS, Bug Bites, Omega One), frozen bloodworms, mysis shrimp, and Brine Shrimp. You can even feed them vegetables like shelled peas and broccolI pieces.


I feed a few flakes in the morning and a treat of blood worms, boiled vegetable or frozen brine shrimp at dinnertime.

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