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Weird... I have Tiger Barbs and they devour some bad quality flakes I have hanging around, I feed them mainly homemade food (lots of Tilapia and stuff like that with veggies) but I do feed them flakes once in a while so they dont get too picky and accept comercial food.
What flakes are you feeding them? Every fish I have kept will eat mine, they are not good but they seem to taste good.
I know that some fish will take some time to acclimate before taking up food but the barbs should eventually eat.
Do you know what they were fed where you got them? And by the way, Barbs need schools of at least 6 so maybe they just feel unsafe with a giant thing in front of them throwing food around.
When I went from 4 Tiger Barbs to 8 Tiger Barbs in my quarantine tank they gained a lot of trust and inmediatly took food from my hands lol. Before that they would only eat after I closed the lid.
Maybe try fasting them for a day, throwing in food to the tank and getting away from it if they are timid.
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Thanks for the advice guys.
I do plan on getting 3 more barbs so a total of 6 and maybe some kind of bottom feeding fish. just have to make it to the pet store. I also plan on giving them a more varied diet, maybe blood worms and brine shrimp. (would they eat tubifex worms ?)
They were getting fed twice a day with "New Life Spectrum (Optimum) All Purpose Flakes". That's what i was told they were eating at the store. I guess i'll try feeding them just once a day then, until they get used to me and i wont stick my big ugly face right up to the glass wen i do it this time LOL. I've bin trying to watch close to see if they are eating but i didn't really think about how terrifying that probably looks. lol
Thanks again guys.
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