Feeding treats

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    dahly Member Member

    Last week I put a fresh spinach leaf, secured to a rock, in my tank for three days.  Only on the third day was any eaten, and not very much at all.  This morning I put in a small piece of banana.  The gourami's have picked at it a little and the Julli's have too.  The Skirts have eaten flecks that were broken off and were floating.  My Clown Pleco is out of hiding and eyeing it too.  Although my clown does hide most of the time, he is more visable than expected.  This morning he is out more than ever, that I have observed.  I am curious as to treats others have added?  And whether it's a good idea?  And lastly, what to avoid?  Thanks,  Glenn
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Keep doing what you are doing. Anything that humans can eat should be safe for your fish, although I would not recommend anything spicy. I think it's great you are experimenting with fruits and veggies. Fish are like people, and can have preferred tastes for different types of food. I have dropped half a sweet potatoe in my 100 gal. tank and my 12 inch pleco loved it. He also likes broccoli. That's all I've tried so far except for zucchini and cucumber which he likes also.