Feeding Silver Dollars


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So I read that silver dollars eat a lot of veggies and my mom does a LOT of juicing. Would I be able to feed the silver dollars the left over carrots, beets, and celery? Is it better just to throw those leftovers in the compost bin? On top of that what are a variety of veggies I can feed them and how do I prepare them? I read with carrots you can feed them raw but I don’t know how small to cut them up. I also have fish flakes and granules that are meant for tropical fish but I don’t think it’ll be nearly enough for them


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I feed my firemouth cichlids a lot of veggies. I use cucumber, zucchini, and diced carrots. I would watch how much you feed is some veggies have lots of sugars and starches that can effect the fish negatively. I would suggest the ones listed above as I’ve never tried what you’ve mentioned. I’ve found mango and melon to be a little too high in sugars for my fish


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I feed mine Italian green beans chopped up, kale that was frozen (defrosted in tap water) and diced cucumber that was microwaved for 20 seconds and then cooled with tap water.

they're skittish so i drop it in and give them room to eat.

i feed fish flakes in morning, veggies at night. Any veggies left over in morning, I remove (which is rare, they likely missed it)

carrots and beets are pure sugar, so i'd only try it as a treat

celery may work, i'd just dice it for ease of eating

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