Feeding recommendations for my tank?

  1. harry88 Member Member

    Currently I have a 75 lightly (working on heavily) planted tank stocked with a school of 7 Black Skirt Tetras, two male guppies, 2 Kuhli Loaches, a school of 8 Neons, two mystery snails, and five Amano shrimp. I'm feeding a mix of tetra color plus flakes, Aqueon shrimp pellets, and occasional blood worms. My end goal for stocking is as attached.
    I want to know what you recommend for feeding because i'm sure what i'm feeding now is and will be inadequate for the fish I have and plan to get. Thanks :)
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You have a few stocking issues, if you'd like to discuss them :)

    I feed my community fish a combo of high quality flakes and pellets, as well as frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp. My snails get fresh veggies daily.
  3. harry88 Member Member

    OK any specific brands? Are you referring to what I currently have or what I plan on getting when you say stocking issues? I do realize my stocking is not adequate at the moment but that will soon be corrected.
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    What you plan to stock has issues.

    And I like Omega One. NLS is another popular brand.
  5. harry88 Member Member

    OK that you :). Could you clue me in as to what those issues are? I've done quite a bit of research and everything I have found suggests all of these species are compatible.
  6. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Not too many issues.

    Your kuhlis need to be in groups of 6+ (more is better!), and in a 75 gal I'd aim for at least 10 (and up to 20 would be fine).

    No elephantnose. They get big and need to be in groups (they're very social), and your tank isn't big enough for a group. In addition, they need a more specialized setup and aren't appropriate for most community tanks.

    Clown killis are shy and retiring, and won't do well in a busy community tank. I'd leave them out and increase your schools of neons to 20 and skirt tetras to 15.

    What about adding a rainbow cichlid to this stocking to replace the elephantnose?
  7. harry88 Member Member

    The Elephant nose is a must for this aquarium and I've talked to many other people who say the elephant nose would do fine in my set up in fact you're the first I've heard say it won't so I'll have to respectfully disagree with that unless I hear more saying it wouldn't work. I will definitely look into the Clown Killifish more though I assumed they would be fine with a dense amount of floating plants in a part of the aquarium to give them a place to hide. I will definitely take the advice about the Kuhlis though I love the little guys and I'm fine with having lots of them. Thank you :)
  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    He really won't be fine. He might survive, but he won't thrive or be comfortable.
    hampalong can provide more info.
  9. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Please don't believe what you read about Elephants, or what a shop tells you. Elephants are a very difficult fish to keep properly. They live in groups on a mud substrate. They also need a lot of space. Most people don't have tanks big enough, but the fish sell, so shops will ignore their requirements and sell them as fish that don't need special care. Many do survive, in a state of stressful isolation (that's the best you can say about them), but many don't. They're difficult to feed as they often wont eat dried foods. A lot of them won't even eat frozen foods and will only eat live. They're usually outcompeted for food in a community tank, since they nocturnal, and slow feeders when on their own. They're also intolerant of most medications, another reason not to keep them in communities.

    If you scroll down to near the bottom of this link, Heiko Bleher will tell you how to keep them.

  10. harry88 Member Member

    Wow very interesting and informative article. That contradicts everything I've read/heard about them especially the breeding. OK so now that elephant nose is off the list could you recommend me some fish that are similar? I really want an interesting fish like the elephant nose, I want it to be somewhat big but also peaceful. Thanks :)
  11. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, it's really rather sad that most end up in inappropriate tanks. They can also be pretty sensitive. I've read that they've been used in the US and Germany to monitor water quality but I can't tell you how accurate that is.

    What temperature are you planning on keeping the tank? The neons don't like water that's too warm so that rules out the single angel I was going to recommend.
  12. harry88 Member Member

    I have my heaters set at 75 but it jumps up to 77 max in the summer months.
  13. harry88 Member Member

    Been looking at some fish online and what do you think of the Paradise fish? Too aggressive for the Neons?
  14. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    What about a rainbow cichlid? Peaceful and pretty! Or a pair of keyholes? Keyhole cichlids are very pretty and peaceful, even when breeding (compared to other cichlids).
  15. harry88 Member Member

    I kinda like the rainbow cichlid but they're just not very flashy. I really like the looks of the Paradise fish would that be compatible? If not is there anything similar that is? Oh also I've been looking at pear/blue Gouramis and they seem to be compatible too. Thanks a bunch for the help :)
  16. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Paradise gouramis can be aggressive, so if you got one you'd need to watch him.

    75 F is the extreme low for the pearl gourami. What about a large group of honey gourami or a pair of thicklip gourami?
  17. harry88 Member Member

    What if I were to bump the tank temp up to 77-78F? I really like the looks of the Pearl Gourami.
  18. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    That's too high for the neons and at the extreme upper ends of the skirt and kuhlis. What about something like this:

    10-15x Cardinal tetra
    10-15x Gold tetra or glowlight tetra or rummynose tetra or other warm water schooling species
    2-5x Pearl gourami
    10-15x Sterbai cories
    2x Keyhole cichlid
  19. harry88 Member Member

    I like that but the problem is I'm stuck with the fish I already have. Thanks though.
  20. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Why can't you rehome them?