Feeding questions

  1. Jayha68

    Jayha68 Valued Member Member

    Hi all,

    My tank info is current to begin with. I'm having trouble deciding if I'm feeding my fish enough food!

    My feeding routine: 5pm flakes Tetra-color tropical daily, with the addition of the Pleco recently I've taken to dropping in an algae wafer when the lights go out. What I've noticed is the other fish in the tank attack it aggressively and eat it quickly but I'm scared of adding two and over feeding.

    Once a week I'll drop a frozen pea in (usually Saturday to watch them play/eat it). Once a week I'll substitute Omega one shrimp pellets and supplement with frozen blood worms or some frozen freshwater multi-pack.

    My concerns:
    1. Are the fish in general getting enough food since when I flake I watch for 3 minutes to skim out what's not eaten ( the bigger flakes I try to let some drop for the cory's).
    2. Is the Pleco getting enough food or should I daily (well nightly) do a piece of blanched zucchini? (thinking of cutting one up, blanching and freezing to make it simple).

    P.s. My LFS thinks I'm nuts and spoiling my fish with their culinary delights but I think they'd be happier eating all different items, I know I'd hate to eat the same meal everyday all the time am I wrong?
  2. fresh water

    fresh water Valued Member Member

    Iam having the same concerns about my fishies diet. Your routine sounds pretty good. I just asked a similar question about my Angelfish, some of the experts are recomending NLS Thera A, which i found out stands for New Life Spectrum. I think i will give it a try. The peas and zucchini would be good to feed to. I dont think you would have to feed the Pleco zucchini every night thow, maybe every other night.