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Discussion in 'Bamboo Shrimp' started by SPiNoVA, Jan 15, 2018.

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    I went to the LFS last week to get one bamboo shrimp, came home with two, because while one was at least sitting on their fake plant, the other was picking through the substrate, and I didn't want him starving in the too clean tank at the LFS.

    However, it's doing the exact same thing here as well. The other one is not exactly feeding in the water column, kind of waving its hands over the decorations and plants, but the substrate picker remains a substrate picker. It also runs away and hides if I try to pipette food near it. I have a HOB, a sponge filter, and a bubbler, so there is plenty of flow in the tank. And I have three tall decor/trees that would make good perches.

    Is it possible it has been doing this for so long, it doesn't really know how to filter feed anymore? It's pretty big. How long does it take them to figure out the good spots for feeding, anyway?
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    Hi! Is there a high place to perch directly in front of the HOB outflow? That's where mine liked best. They like that flow strong.
    I found that mine would pick the substrate sometimes even when spending most of their time filtering. If there's something good in there, they will eat it.
    I also supplemented feeding with Golden Pearls, a food made to stay in the water column for a longer time, thus giving the shrimp more time to filter it. You can also grind algae pellets up, but it has to be super fine, like powder.
    One of mine was very tame...he would crawl on my hand. The one female was very timid...disappeared as soon as she saw me. The other female was somewhere in the middle.
    When they find a really good spot to filter, I think they will. They don't forget how.
    Also, how big is their tank? Long term, I believe it takes a 20 gal to support 2 or 3 bamboos.
    Edit: Another thought...remember that they need a pH on the high side to facilitate good molts. Molting seemed to be hard on them, and the stress of moving could cause them to do so.
    They're touchy, but enjoyable critters.
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  3. OP

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    The top of the sponge filter is directly under the HOB outflow. And there is both decor, and plants a bit further down. I'm feeding shrimp fry food (very fine powder), and other shrimp food (I also have a shrimp tank with Neocaridinas) that are also a fine powder. I soak in tank water, then squirt into the current, or right above them in the water column, if they're on the opposite side of the tank. The tank is a 37 Gallon, and we have hard water (pH 7.8, GH 12-13, KH 7-8).
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    Then I think you're in good shape! Hopefully they will filter when they're ready! Enjoy them!
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    This is very normal to me. Bamboo shrimps are shy. It can take days or weeks before they feel safe and comfortable. They will find a good spot to feed. Don't worry, just make sure there is enough food.
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    They’re starting to filter feed. Not consistently, but it will hopefully come with time. One also molted, which might be why it was in hiding for a few days.