Feeding Newly Hatched Brine Shrimp?

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Hey there!

Not sure if I am in the right section but I Just set up a small 1.5 tank with brine shrimp. I bought some eggs at my LFS and thought I would just give them I try. (I plan on breading my Ember Tetras in the future and want to make sure I can get some good food for the fry) I hatched them in a 1L jar and I really didn't expect to get SO MANY hatching. I am going to try and raise them in the 1.5 gallon for now as feeders for my tetras and guppies. Anyways, does anyone have experience with this? they just hatched tonight and I am not sure what or when to start feeding them.

they are in 1.5g tank. Salinity at 1.018 using hydrometer. small diy sponge filter and tank water temp at 24.5C
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Plankton or standard fish food from a quick search.
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