Feeding Nerite snails


As some may know I got two Nerite snails yesterday Flash and Dot and despite the fact I can't see them anywhere I pretty confident they are in my hollow wood ornament
As I know nothing of keeping snails but I read that some have fed them cucumber and they like it I have got some as a treat for them my question is how much to feed them is it possible to over feed them as they are eating diatoms at the moment I want to make sure they get variety if you could advise it would be most appreciated thank you


I don't feed mine anything. Mine only eats diatoms. I tried to put a piece of cucumber and he didn't eat it at all. Same with zuchinni. There are a lot of diatoms in my 29 so he has plenty of food.


The only food I've ever seen mine eat was some Repashy Solient Green I use for my otos. Other than that, I don't put anything special in for them.


mine get on zucchinI when I put it in but if you have some algae they should be fine.


Thank you all another question do yours generally disappear and then turn up ok?


Most critters labeled as a "clean-up crew" need to be fed deliberately, but I've never needed to feed my nerite anything. He might get a little excess food sometimes when I overfeed a bit, but mostly I just run the tank lights enough to make sure there's a little algae built up. FWIW, he's grown about twice as big as I expected from what I've seen in online profiles, and he's healthy, so I guess that's good enough.

EDIT: Mine does sometimes work his way into hard-to-see parts of the tank. I've learned not to worry.


They are notorious for disappearing. Make sure they can't get out of your tank though, some have been known to go exploring, though they don't last long out of the water. I found mine in my filter housing a few times. They do like to hang out at the surface of the water where they breathe, so don't be surprised if you find them just outside the water.

Mine eats cucumber and algae wafers when I feed my cories.


Thank you again I only got them yesterday and have grown surprisingly attached to them already they are so pretty. I was getting a little worried but I'll just let them do their thing

Also sorry for all the questions how big can they get?
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Nerite snails stay relatively small, no bigger than a quarter.


Thank you rainman I spotted Dot this morning on his/her way out of the hollow wood my suspicions were correct Flash must be in there too. I didn't end up feeding them any cucumber yet there are plenty of diatoms in there at the moment


Good morning,

I've seen information that stated Nerites may not eat prepared foods and to be sure to have some algae in the tank for them to feed from.

I purposely do not clean the sides or back glass panels of my tank making sure there is some food for the snails.

You can always put some aquarium safe rocks or ornaments in a bucket of water and set it outside in the sun for the purpose of growing algae. Then place it in your aquarium for your snails to feed from.

I feed my Pleco and Cory Cats zucchinI stuffed with an algae or vegetable wafer, catfish sticks, shrimp sticks and it's very rare that I see any of the Nerites on the slice.

They are great at hiding!

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